Thursday, September 27, 2007

the Little Miss Nice today

I was Little Miss Nice today!
(but flu for the whole day due to the weather)

I woke up at 1030, had lunch at 1200. Surfed the net till 1400 and I went to do some cleaning (since I had nothing to do!). I tidied my second living room, threw away alot of unwanted stuffs, mopped and swept the floor. The last time I helped with housework was mmmmmmmm.. 6months ago? My siblings and me don't help with the housework. Because we used to have a maid since toddler & all the way till Secondary school, maid still exist in our life. Therefore, since young, we are not trained to do any housework (including the basics like washing your own bowl after meal, putting our clothes in the laundry basket). It was until this year when I start to help the with housework (once in a BLUEEEEE moon).

After all the cleaning, I went for a shower. Applied healing treatment cream from my feet to my thighs, & from my fingers to my arm. Face masked. (This reminds me to do face mask for my BF again! He needs some!) The weather was rather cooling today so I napped after my mask. After nap was dinner at 1800hour & VCDs. Relaxing lifeee~

PS: Adel and me cleared our wardrobe yesterday night because our wardrobe is OMGLY-FULL. (If we don't clear, I guess the sliding door of our wardrobe will drop off as it is just too full!) We even had to leave some of our clothes on my bookshelf. We threw away ALOT of undergarments, ALOT of bottoms and over 40tops!! Oh pleaseeeee~ We are throwing away more than our buys! After clearing, We managed to stuff those-we-still-want-to-keep back to its proper place (no more clothes on the shelf now) and TADA, the door can be close now. (But it is still quite full) :(

Visually, I seemed to have alot of clothes but mentally, I don't find them enough!
There are 7days a week, 30 days a month & 365 days a year. Even If I have 365pieces of clothes, It is just so not enough!

PS: Girls will never complain that they have too many clothes. HAHA~

When I buy new clothes, I tend to wear them over n over again (Boyfriend noticed it too). Like say once a week, 4times a month and then neglected my not-so-new clothes even though they are still quite new. I must kick this habit! Because almost every piece of thingy in my wardrobe is quite new! I can't keep wearing the new and forget the old!! I need to tell myself that I have more than enough already.

Boyfriend used to complain that I have alot of clothes so I shouldn't spend so much on them, but he is not saying anything now (guess he's too numb with me spending money. HAHA). I need him to nag at me again!!

But then again, I have a friend who is 10x worst than me. He bought Ralph Lauren polo tee for nearly $200 and his wallet for almost $500. I won't spend $200 for just a single piece of Polo tee (because I seldom wear Polo tees). I think $150 is the limit unless they are REALLY attractive. SEE! I have my limits too! :P

I'm soooo consoled by this fact because I am not a spendthrift after all. HAHA!

PSP are "made in China" now (since few months ago)?
Now I have second thoughts about getting them or not.
(but baby pink PSP slim & lite is so attractiveeee ;
refer to previous entry for picture)

I think I am becoming more and more WORDY.