Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Malacca shopping trip!

BF is splurging on food everywhere we go!!
SINFUL & Fattening!

He gets hungry every 3hours which is very oh-my-gawd.
When he order/buy something I tend to "steal" afew bites from him.


We shopped around at Queensway and VIVO city.
And only managed to stop after BF decided to settle on that Puma bag in VIVO.
We're Puma lovers~
(HAHA~ Not really. But they do have some very-nice-design bags)

I "pestered" BF to bring me to KL because Derek & friends bought SO much things there last week!
(To be exact, more than a thousand EACH)
He said KL was too far, 5hour car journey :(
So we can only visit Malacca.
Hopefully his parents are able to get leave for this coming Friday.
(they took off for a break! Not because I want to shop!)
If we go, We might stay over there for a night.
Although it is near, it is the company that makes it sweet.
Be it in my favourtie Australia, my still-waiting-to-go Taiwan, or many-people-desired Japan/Korea, nothing beats spending a nice short holiday with your love even it is just a 2D1N chalet in Sentosa.

Everything is still pending!
(oh please~ I need to shop. No more online shopping for me! Be it F21, Taiwan, Korea or where, the quality is just so-not-the-same because they are cheap, yes, including F21!)

To be true, F21 sprees are cheaper online than in those you see at shopping malls.
I think they are the "marked-down" items.
Can't sell it outside so they have to sell it online cheaper.
(Well, not all design, but it SHOULD be most designs)
Some designs are nice though~

Haven't been wearing any items bought online at all.
Learnt my lesson. I rather pay for better quality stuffs.
See it, Try it, Like it, Whines and get it! :D