Sunday, September 30, 2007

Manic Monday Tomorrow!!

Yupyup. Busy with BF for the past 2 days.
On Friday, we went for dinner/supper.
I waited for Max to come back before going home.
He was sick that day.

(Max in the jersy suit BF and me bought for him :D CUTEEEEEE)

SATURDAY ; a quality day. Breakfast at MAC with BF & family. Back to his place, Had to wait for Max to wake up from him afternoon nap before cab-bing to IMM for our super late lunch @ 1600hr. Lunch was HK Cafe (: I love the food there. CG, JJ & Derek met us there. Bus-ed to town. BF got himself a pair of jeans (after much persuasions, BF decided not to get Levis because ME and many many friends/bros thinks that their design are not exactly VERY-NICE. Every pair looks almost the same. DUH!). Desmond arrived. Bus-ed to Cine. Dinner was Suski Sushi at 2100hr. WOOOOOO~ Chawanmushi again (: After eating, We went to Cine Lvl 9. Booked a chamber & watched Who Slept With Her? That movie is certainly very very up to standard! Funny to the maxxxxx. Even their little stupid things can make us laugh. (Before stepping into the chamber, We went to take neoprints! Had to squeeze the 7 of us in) The 5 of them proceeded to PUB whereas BF and me cabbed home. If not for BF, I would surely feel weird being the only girl with 6 days (:

I bought this bottle of juicy juicy candy.
"Sour Squeeze" Find it CUTEEE but I won't open and eat it.
Disgusting :x
Just for collection :D or maybe throw it away after I have seen enuff of it.
Orrrrrrrrr Prank time! HEHEHEHE.

Ignore my face in this pic -.-

I am going to rebond my hair tomorrow~
The length is going to be shorter by i-dunno-how-much.
Tomorrow is going to be a manic monday.