Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mooncakes, candles & lanterns

It's my holidays!
(only afew days though!)

Mooncake festival~ (I used to play candles every year when I was still very young)
Boyfriend & me were on the phone last night. I recalled how I spent that day(with a group) when I was 14 or 15yrs old. He told me he was there but I had no impression at all because all I could remember was Chiman, Huiyan, Xian, Adel, Derek, & Nolly! So we bickered over it :x I went to dig out the past photos and saw his face. LOL.

I miss.....
The days when most people's hair were not rebonded.
The days when most people's hair were still short & still center parting.
The days when most people's hair were still black.
The days where life is not as stress as now.
Everything were so carefree back then.
(these photos were taken at 2002 or 2003, everyone was SUPER ugly)

BF and me did not know each other back then, generally, I forgot he was there!
(BF and me only got to know each other in 2005 despite being in the same secondary sch since 2001)
To my surprise, Melvin and CG were there too. Age is getting on me! I can't remember at all!

I woke up feeling great today.
Because BF smsed me and told me that he love the way we are now (:
(that was the first thing I saw when I woke up at 9)
So I predict that today is a good day for me~

I told him Rainie's Ren Yi Men sounds good but he disagree.
(thats the only song I like in her latest album)
AHH~ I suppose we've got a big difference when it comes to music.
But for character wise, food wise, many many wise, we're still okaye.

I have been listening to many many great great music everywhere but I don't know the title.