Friday, September 14, 2007

nEbO is CUTE!

nEbO's membership card is here!!
nEbO is so cute LUH!
I didn't submit any pictures for them to put on my membership card.
(because I don't even know how I won it in the first place)
So they cropped my face out from this picture.

And I have no idea where they got that picture from.
Friendster? Blog? (Cannot be right?!?! WEIRD!)
But they spelt my name wrongly :(
Mybeline Sim. (Where's my a?)
Called them, they will replace my card with a new one.
So I had to mail them back the card.

The mail came with alot of vouchers!
Including Porter International! 15% off~
Chalets, Manicure/Pedicures & many many more.

& this is my big boy!

Okay, tmr is the BIG day.
& I have yet to decide what to wear!
Time is running out!
I need to sleep but my hair is wet!

Happened to listen to some old songs like "Addicted to you" , "Truely, Madly, Deeply"
and they brought back ALOT of memories.

Mummy digged out some baby toys for Raven & he loves them!
SEE! Raven is such a baby.

A good deed keeps me smiling all day long (: