Monday, September 03, 2007

Over 18 ; under 19

School till 2pm.
Accompanied W to FEP for hair treatment.
Each treatment cost $70, and if We do it 1 once every month,
Salon sure is earning big money.
(20 person a day is enough!)

Blur pic (I HATE!!).
With my 3rd pair of specs.
White half frame (:

BF's friends thought that I was below 18.
(Maybe becus they looked old. 21 going on 31)
Damn them!
I should make some custom-made t-shirts(7colours for 7days) with the words(black) "19 NOT 16"!!
(or "19 NOT 18" sounds cooler? HAHA~)
Being said young should be a compliment.
But NOPE for me. I wanna look like my age.
Not over(chao lao) or under.
(But I know my face is kinda kiddy(at times ONLY! depends on my dressing))
I am out of "teenages" next year. My age will start with a 2.
(Ok, I noe 19 have yet to even come. HAAA~)

OOHHHHH~ I want to eat mooncakes! (double yolk pleaseeeeee~)

PS : I am allergic most perfumes, I tend to sniff even when they are not heavily sprayed.
SO PLEASE, you ought to know wad to do!