Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sleep tight, Boyfriend (EDITED)

Actually, this world is not as sophisticated as it seems.
Basically, people just FOLLOW here and there.
So what's sophisticated?

When you don't buy, they don't buy.
When you buy, they FOLLOW.
When you don't do, they don't do.
When you do, they FOLLOW.
When you don't use, they don't use.
When you use, they FOLLOW.

Woke up at 8.30am, showered and off to BF's place.
His family bought Mcdonald's breakfast(EGG MUFFIN!!) for me.
Till 3pm, his whole family was out & we were lazy to travel so we cooked our own lunch.
Sweet sweet.

He felt weak in the evening.
& Boyfriend is down with fever, sore throat, flu & headache!
He's feeling weak all over :(
Accompanied him to a private family hospital because clinic was too far.
& I must comment that the fees are rather costly because its private and SUNDAY!

His family were already home before us.
And we all went for dinner.
(I didn't eat much because I was still VERY full)

Boyfriend's home sweet home, Max & Marcel(M&M) came.

Boyfriend's sister gave me this small pouch~
(Just the size of my palm)
Her friend bought it in Taiwan.
SUPER good quality & nicely kept in a box!

Home sweet home after that.
I hope by the time I see BF tmr, He is already all well.

Oh, god bless & goodnight.