Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Smiled to bed

I'm so excited that I came back to update another post!
Today is indeed a VERY GOOD day! :D

Boyfriend's sister is going to Korea on 20th Sept
My cousin's engagement party on 22nd Sept.
Boyfriend's cousin wedding at next month.

So many things to be happy about.

And Dad just came back and told me this.

DAD : We're going overseas during Chinese New Year, 2008.
ME : Where?
DAD : Somewhere nearby. Other country are in a mess now. Best to avoid.

Even if it's just Sentosa or Malaysia, I am happy enough!
Because We get to relax~
And the best part is....

DAD : Ask your Boyfriend along if he can make it.

I hope BF can avoid going back to hometown & spend the Chinese New Year with me~

I need to sleep now.
& I know that I'll smile in my sleep tonight.