Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sweet sweet dayssss

I didn't have time to blog yesterday because I left town at after midnight.
Which means It was already very late when I reach home.

BF came n looked for me during work and surprise me with a pink Polo Spirit metallic watch with diamonds around it which cost $___.
(He remembered that I said it was nice when we were looking for our couple watch)
I had no intention to get it at all, just a casual remark.

Went for dinner with him and back to work.

Knocked off earlier to meet his friends at Plaza Sing for Evan Almighty!
(We took neoprints before going for movie)
Bus-ed to Plaza Sing.

Evan Almighty is AWESOMEEE!
That's the main point of the movie.
(And believe in GOD! GOD loves us!)
Very funny movie I must say.

Friday, On my way to schoool, a young boy(12-13yrs old) approached me.
I didn't respond straight as I was listening to my music.
He held out a $2 note and asked " JieJie, You got 50cents change for this? "
I checked my purse, and I don't have the change for him.
I only had one 50cents coin then.
So I passed the coin to him and said that he can have it.
(He needed 55cents to board the bus)
He sort of bow and said "xie xie".
This kid here has VERY GOOD manners!
Cute LITTLE boy with GOOD manners = HARD TO FIND!
Almost non-existence in SG!

I will be back with the pictures tonight (: