Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why do people flirt?

Topic of the day :
Why do people flirt around?
(strictly for 16 and above!)

I have to voice this out!! I don't understand. Why do people go round knowing "guys" and "girls" from friendster or other online websites? Are they too ugly to have friends/boyfriends/girlfriends in reality? Or are they just so lonely that they need to find some entertainment outside? Are they really that desperate? Can't one survive without love or just some REAL good friends rather than those cyber ones? Can they please grow up?!

Why why why?! I find it super disgusting and gross! Imagine they look pretty/normal in photos but when you meet them, they turn out to be some fatso ; bamboo, shorty ; giant. They are not wrong for all these, because fatso ; bamboo, shorty ; giant can also be nice and pretty people. It is all in the inner beauty.

People who go round flirting, despite already attached they don't deserved to be love in the first place! Stop exchanging MSN or HP contact, learn how to be faithful! Sociable is not a good excuse to have more "friends".

Or maybe, guys flirt to prey on easy target for sex! And on the other hand, girls flirt for money! Because whatever they eat, whatever they buy, the other party will be the one paying for it. CHEAP! I can't help but say I despise these kind of people, especially the girls.

Before flirting, please ask yourself, what are you flirting for? Do you have the qualities? When are you going to stop? People who knows that they are flirt are 1000x better than those who refused to admit. They thought what they do are right, so they can't see any wrong. But they don't know how negative the people outside are saying about her. Don't say that people don't understand you. That is just a VERY stupid excuse. Yup, people can't understand why one flirt.

Flirt = Ugly
Flirt + Pretty face = Uglier
Flirt + Ugly face = Ugliest

(This only applies to age 16 and UP because they should know how to think by this age, for people who are below 16, most still doesn't know how to committed yet, thus they shall not be blame)

The reason for my above content is because of the conversation my loveliest Huiyan and me had. We just can't understand some people. "Let them be!" quoted from HY. We're are not pretty, but at least we don't flirt & we like it the way we are (:

I am not afraid of offending anyone, If somehow someone feel offended, please leave as I won't be removing this post for this is MY blog and I am free to say what I want or how I feel!!