Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We saw a car at the carpark & it's car plate was "1314".
Minutes later, We saw another car driving bypass the guardhouse, "3344"

I'm not making this up. But it is too much of a coincidence to make one believe.

I ate alot today! >:(
I shall leave all the exercising & dieting to Nov!
Yeah yeah, dump EVERYTHING to Nov.
(I am left with this puny choice)

FaceBook is addictive *AHEM*
(although it is not very suitable for my age. HEHE)
Dear must get an account so we can have babies together.

Basically I slacked the whole day. & I am feeling guilty about it.
(Because I need to continue my mugging!!)
MAN! I hate this kind of feeling.
I need some chawanmushi to calm my current feelings because there are no good music recently.
(This is how I will be feeling for the next few weeks!)
So people, bear with me If I fail to reply any of your text.

I did not step out of my house for the past 2days. (That's including school) Finally, I accompanied Mummy out for lunch and bought back bags of titbits. Well, Mummy is the one paying so why not grab? HAHA! Grabbing titbits has the same meaning as gaining calories. AAWW~

AIYOYO~ stressed!