Sunday, October 07, 2007

Alive & Kicking

HEHE. I am back~

& I noticed that I have been leaving Side Note for my past so many post. So I shall skip all my side notes today. & I know I am being VERY wordy since the start of Oct (which I don't know what is the cause of the sudden change). Trying my best not to be toooo wordy because I know not all can stand wordy.

BF and me were lazy to step out of his house for lunch so we ordered Mac delivery.
& I didn't vomit out anything. Heh.
I guess I am all well now!

After our lunch > IMM > BF's place.
We got nothing to do so we went to window shop at IMM.
I don't understand how come BF can go on eating & eating non stop but still underweight! I swear he've got very nice waistline. HAHA~

I wanted to post out the pictures we took yesterday.
BUTTT I looked damn pale in ALL.
So no pictures~

So Its 3/4 lunch & few spoon of noodles for dinner today.

M&M came over ^^
& BF's dad drove me home.
(He drove me home for 2 consecutive days)

I found out the reason why Boyfriend don't want me to buy PSP.
HEHEHEHE. I don't know to say him "dai" or cute. :P