Sunday, October 28, 2007

Almost nothing

Even though Hunny only slept at 6am this morning,
He still made an effort to meet me for breakfast at Mac (:

We boiled soup for dinner today.
& made Almond Pudding for the guys yesterday.
We enjoy cooking delectable meals~ HEHE.

I need to wake up at 0700hr tmr!
OMG~ Since start of Oct, I have been waking up only after 1030hr!
But I had 4 alarm clock set ^^

& I created my baby in Face Book~
(Not with Hunny but alone. I was lazy to help him in creating an account. But he designed the baby for me ^^)

Side Note ; Continue feeding my Queenie cheese please~ :P

Boyfriend commented this box.
He said it's nice so I am posting it again. HAHA~

It is so hard to live everyday with a mask.
(I have been living with one since the start of Oct)
"Need to change... Need to change..."