Monday, October 01, 2007

Another 46 days~

It's Children's Day today!
(SO? It has got nothing to do with me)

Finally rebonded my hair.
Spent 3hours sitting in the salon.
Was really really drowsy!!
2 hairstylist quarrelled over me. LOL.
So dramatic. It's all my fault.
(But it's all the guy's fault! His pride is just so high up)
Can't help feeling guilty though.

The result was satisfying.
I spent few hundreds bucks on rebonding and some hair cream just to look the SAME.
(except for the fact that my hair is much more straighter now)
Stuuuuuuuuuuupid waste of money.

Wendy finally returned me $110.
The loan she borrowed from me 1months ago.
It is not alot, but every tiny bits make up to a big sum!
So it is back sitting in my bank right now, like finally.

My NANA is down with dengue :(
Take care babe! I'm missing you truckloads.
Ages since I last saw her. (But we do crap on MSN)
I feel like crapping with her all of a sudden.

I opened my zen bedframe cupboard and saw my Digicam & Polaroid Camera sitting nicely inside.
Haven't been using both camera for quite some time.
Time to get some Polaroid and start playing this toy with boyfriend :D

I'm off to bed at 2215hr!