Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Born to make you happy

I'm crazy over Britney, The Click Five, & Mi Lu Bing!!

Britney's old song are loveeee!!
I kept repeating them over and over again in my playlist.

The Click Five's Jenny is AWESOME!
(Have been addicted to it since months back)

Mi Lu Bing's 我为什么还爱你 is niceeeee.
(I got over this song for like a month ago,
But Boyfriend only listen to it recently so when he listens, I listen too)

Side Note ; HEHE! I sound like some kids going gah-gah over idols.

NAHHHH~ I don't have any idols :D
My Dad & Boyfriend thinks it is childish to have one at my age!
(I can't help but agree to the fullest!)

PS : The guy in the middle is CUTEE~