Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cherish the good

Sometimes I wonder, Do bouquets of dried flowers attract bees?
I have the hobby of keeping bouquet of flowers when received even when they are totally dried up.

Yesterday, a bee flew into my room and landed on the flowers :/

Should I dump everything away? But dried flowers don't even carry any tinge of smell to attract anything. So why are bees flying in? TWICE! But only 1 little bee flew in.

I think the bees are hinting me to dump the flowers. But 1 thing for sure, Fake roses don't attract anything so I can still keep the bouquet of pink roses from Boyfriend during Valentine's Day. That's the first bouquet of flowers he ever made in his whole life. He used to buy them in the past. & I was told that there were 4 ladies (his classmates in 2007) coaching him then! He learnt that specially for Valentine's day. AAWWW~ Good things are meant to be cherish & not thrown.

Anyway I did something which I am not supposed to.
I SHOPPED! (when I am least supposed to because I am supposed to be mugging)
I only accompanied Mummy to the shopping mall for lunch.
But I came home with shopping bagssss within 1 short hour.
Actually, just 3 pair of heels (low & medium heels), a top and a dress :D
& when I reached home, I cleared the shoe rack.
Threw away 7 pairs of heels/pumps/flipflops.

Kind Reminder
& Girls! Avoid wearing high heels. Because when you wear too often,
the front of your feet gets dry easily & there will be a lump of dried skin, on top of that you WILL have cracked heels.
I'm not kidding~ & When you file/cut away the dry skin, they will grow double or triple times!

For the sake of soft smooth feet, just make do with low heels or flipflops (: