Saturday, October 27, 2007

Clothes are never enough

I bought a new pair of skinny jeans today! I was still saying that I saved a small sum of money few days ago but I kept spending now. (I paid for my own buys even with Mummy because I've got my own money. Unless we are really going on a shopping trip then I'll let Mummy do the paying. Because for the past few days, we went for lunch. Not shopping. See, I'm sucha good daughter :P)

& My cheeky hunny scared me.

Hunny : I failed my final theory test.
ME : HUH?! OMGGGGGG. Then no sentosa for you today! Go home and study please!
Hunny : What If I passed?
ME : Did you pass or fail?
Hunny : Failed.
ME : Then why did you asked?
Hunny : I passed.
ME : Huh?
Hunny : Failed.
ME : Passed or failed?!?!?!?!
Hunny : Passed.

We were on the phone "fail pass fail pass fail pass-ing" for like 5minutes.
Actually, He passed:D
1 last test to go & he'll be able to drive me everywhere~ :D

And he learnt that from me!
Because when he ask me something, I would play around like this!

Ok, Gotta face my books again (:
(I want to make it in time to shop & dinner later~)