Sunday, October 21, 2007

Contented bad girlfriend

Finally. I know the feeling of contented (:
(Maybe for this moment only)

Somehow, or rather,
I will feel guilty if I ate too much.
I will feel guilty if I played/shopped too much.

For it is not the time to play/shop now or the time to snack non-stop when I am not supposed to.

Dinner at Baystreet 21 restaurant with Hunny's family.
They serve very nice & fresh Fish & Chips too!
My arms went numb when I carried Marcel from the mall all the way to the carpark.
(Marcel loves me~ He kept on asking me to carry him :P)

Short meet-up with Derek & JJ before that (They came back from KL).
Lunch-ed with them. Boyfriend asked them when is their next KL trip.
HEHEHE~ Maybe we can go in groups, It will be more fun~

Seriously, It is not about FAR or NEAR when you're going on a trip.
It's about who are you going with (:
More friends ; More fun~

Okay, Save all my fun on Nov.
No plans for my birthday yet.
Initial plan was chalet at Downtown East but the date was fully booked since mid Sept!
Maybe a nice dinner will do. (It is the 2nd birthday YQ will be spending with me :D)

& I must get my _______ before my birthday. I don't care how much it cost!!
I must persuade my dad to chip in some money. HAHA!

Side Note ; YQ wants to watch Resident Evil(like really really) even before it was shown in the cinemas.
& This bad girlfriend here doesn't want to accompany him for that show because of all the zombies.

I know it is not a horror movie butttttttttt....


HOWWWWWW?!?!?! SEE~ I am such a bad girlfriend.

Did my words killed you?
Sorry for being wordy~