Thursday, October 04, 2007

Egg Boyfriend

When I asked Boyfriend how much he love me, Guess what he said?

"As much as you love eggs!" He told me that in a cheeky and happy tone.
And next I got was a hug!

How can he compare himself with eggs?!
But actually, he's one big egg himself!

Dan Wong.
(Dan WAS his name ; in short for Daniel. Take that "Dan" pronunciation)
& Wong = Huang in chinese.
Put them together and pronounce it in Chinese ; Han Yu Pin Yin

Dan Huang = Egg Yolk

HEHEHEHE. Cute name.
(But I hate egg yolk,
they taste yucky unless they are stirred together with egg white to fried or steam,
If they are not stirred, I will just eat the egg white and throw the egg yolk aside happily)

I am so naggy nowadays.
3 post in a day!

I'm off~ So Tata~