Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friendship of DD & Raven

Morning, My neighbour's puppy(dou dou) sat outside my house.
Raven went up to them and both of them keep smelling each other~
It's boy & boy, So they are just playing.
When Raven went to the toilet, DouDou sat there and waited.
& when DouDou went home, Raven sat at the door waiting. SO CUTE PLEASE~

VIVO > Hunny's Bird Nest.

& The guys are staying over at his place tonight.

I didn't make this face on purpose!
I happened to be talking or fooling around and then SNAP!
& I know I look so godly pale.
But what can I do? I am born with low blood pressure(most of the time low).
Inherited from my mummy.

Adel threw mummy's contact lense by accident!
So she have to make do with Specs now. LOL.
(because that was her last pair. Unless she's free to get some herself)

I got something PINK for just 2bucks for my desk~ Dirt cheap. LOL
(Credits to Daiso~)
I have so many so many SO MANY pictures!
But doubt anyone will be interested in seeing our faces.

So byebye~