Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm really disgusted

You know I really really gotta blog this out!
ARGH! I'm bursting.


People who are attached and claimed that they are single.
(so as to know more "Friends")

& more disgusted by it if the person who is doing this is my friend.

EEEWWWWW. Desperates. Cheap. Shameless.
AAWWW. I can't go on. There are just too many words to describe you.

I wonder where's the respect for your partner. It's not like he doesn't exist.

Yeah, From that you can see it's a HE or SHE.

I'm not a great fan of Steven. However, everyone deserves their basic respect (:

She don't deserve a true love.
(after all the things she have done, meetup with guys from friendster, exchange HP contacts & many many more)
Even any bad guys/girls out there deserve one true love. But not her.

Side Note ; I am prepared to lose this friend (if she ever gets to read this). I stand up for justice & shoot at every little things against my principle of love/life.

" Excuse meeeeee. It's flirt & not friends "
There were so many times where I almost burst this sentence out of my mouth.

You won't believe what & how much things she've done.

I know it is SOOO none of my business, but as I said, I can't stand my friend behaving like this. It is better to lose than to bear up with it & keep on seeing her flirt behind her boyfriend(yeah! Her bf is kept in the dark).

WHERE IS JUSTICE?! Sometimes I just have the urge and spit everything to her boyfriend.

Biggest sympathy for her boyfriend.

I can't believe I am typing this.
I bet you guys don't have any friends as straight-forward as me (:
However, If you get to read this, THINK FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND!

I'm not saying I'm mature enough to think for love.
But at least I know what's right or wrong.
I don't know how to behave the way like you do because I only need 1 true love.
I don't need money or MANY guy-"friends". (But I have afew guy besties)
Hence, I am proud to say that I DESERVE A TRUE LOVE (just like many people out there) (:

Feel offended? Close this page!
Because when I typed this, I know I'll be offending you already!
(That is if you ever get to read this)
But you gotta admit that I hit the jackpot.

I mean no harm but to let you come to your senses.
My entry can't say much. But you gotta grow up for your love.
You can ignore how MANY people have been saying the same stuffs behind your back,
But you can't deny that you're so damn wrong right from the start.

Because I am your friend, I've got no courage to tell you this in your face.
You can blame me for all you want~ But I am doing the right thing.

PS : When you insist of doing the wrong thing even though being corrected,
You know for sure, You are bound to invite gossips. And your image is therefore tarnished.

Side Note ; Don't be afraid of being said when you're not afraid of doing the wrong things in the first place (: