Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm so random

Mummy gave me a Guy Laroche Design Fountain Pen!
I love the design~

Sad to say, I vomitted again in the evening.
URGH. I'm so tired from all the vomiting.
Damn gastric. I hate to be so sickly.
& I hope my stomach can retain my dinner (porridge).
I don't wanna wake up in the middle of the night to vomit the porridge.

I need to go to nEbO this Thursday & I am so gonna drag Boyfriend along.

Side Note ; But Boyfriend've got something on in the evening :(

After using the Hair Mask, I think its good compared to the treatment I did outside.
I can feel the difference in just 1 use.
Shall do Hair Mask twice a week from now on :D

Side Note ; I'm going to throw all my hair cream I bought from the salon aside now!

Mummy has been clearing our balcony for the past hour.
So many bags of rubbish to be thrown away.
(Yay yay! My balcony will be neater!)