Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Imma White Chocolate Lover (:

Busy taking care of my dear Boyfriend.
Sweated the whole day! Urgh! The last thing I ever want to do is to sweat!!!!
School > BF > School > BF
Went to visit BF during my long long break and after school.
His mummy asked me to stay for dinner but I kindly rejected the sweet offer because I was still very full.
I went home with a bag FULL of titbits from Korea.
They are reaaaaaally really nice! Especially Korea's Chocolate Langue De Chat.
Thick melting white chocolate wrapped by 2 very thin piece of bread-liked biscuit.
And it melts in your mouth! Heavenly pleaseeee.
(Mummy ate some of the titbits too~ She said they were NICE)
How come they don't sell this in Singapore?!?!
(Luckily they don't, If not I will be much fatter than now, becus I love white choco!)

Manicure yesterday before I went to NUH.
(Some metallic classy white colour instead of plain white)

I forgot to mention that I didn't trim my hair~
Length was maintained.
(Because I don't have much spoilt ; dried hair after rebonding)
Am afraid that It will get drier as I wash them everyday so I need lots of treatment!
Hair treatment today.
(I can't stand not washing my hair even for a day!)

My boy probably sleeping and drooling in his dreams already.
I should jump into bed and join him now (: