Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Miss Dearling

I've been receiving invitations from FaceBook.
Friends have been signing up & adding.
So I went to peek at Facebook today & adopted a pet.

Please feed my pet Queenie if you happened to pass by my page! :D

But then again, I won't login there often because I am not interested in such sites (:

I have been sleeping for almost 11hours straight everyday.
Sleeping reduces stress! (for me)
I showered Raven today. He's such a darling.

Boyfriend's theory.
Dear ; Guys
Dearling ; Girls

HAHA~ In a unique way. Dearling~ That's what he calls me now.

Haven't been shopping lately, in result : I saved a small sum of money!
Shall shop to a LARGEEEEE extend in Nov.
I wanted to get a gold watch. But boyfriend & friends said : OLD
To me, it is just SLIGHTLY retro.
Anyway I couldn't care less. I am still going to get it in Nov.
& not forgetting my _______.