Saturday, October 20, 2007

Minutes to Midnight

It was a short shopping trip today.
Mr. Boyfriend bought himself a Tee.
(I chose the Tee! So It's nice!)

DAMN DEREK! He went to KL with JJ and called us in the noon. Boyfriend asked him to buy afew Tees back. (But I doubt he will because he will be busy grabbing stuffs for himself) I didn't know going KL was SO cheap. Just SGD30 for the transport fee. (Total coolness~ I must drag Boyfriend in during Holidays, But Its not so safe to go alone. HAIS~)

Boyfriend's mummy steam the best steam egg~
Fish & Co. fry the best fish & chips~
Mcdonald fry the best french fries~
& I cook the best Maggie!

Dinner(Steam egg~) at Hunny's place. Hunny bought additional food for his family.

I have been feeding Baby(Raven) with milk crackers(dog's treat). He can't bite them So I had to grind them into smaller pieces. Raven is damn fortunate. He don't have to work for food. All he have to do is to wave his little tail & cuddle up to us & my mum will buy all sorts of treats for him. (AND I MEAN ALL! Whatever that is cute & healthy, Mummy buys it) We need to start searching new clothes for him~

Life is short. Do cherish. Live life like there's no tomorrow & Don't regret (:

I can't make myself believe in this stupid sentence anymore.
Such a kind hearted friend. She don't deserve all the sadness.
I hope she will see a clear rainbow after enduring all the rain.

Retributions? Do you believe in it? I certainly do!


Side Note ; Damn! I am starting to get wordy again.