Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My boy's sick!!

I cabbed to NUH's A&E.
Waited for nearly 4hours for BF.
(I asked BF's sis to leave first because I know it will be a long wait)
Thanks lord that he is fine now.
I was worried sick.
And we cabbed home at 2000hr
Fed him some porridge and he went to bed.
Poor boy.

I bumped into Eileen & Serene while waiting for BF.
Eileen's platelets dropped to 70 so she had to be admitted to the hospital.
(I was just saying I miss her yesterday and today I had to see her in NUH)
Had to accompany Serene(Eileen's primary school sister) to dinner as Eileen will be in the observation bay.
(Dengue is not a play-play thing)
Lucky I don't stay near/at Bukit Batok areas (:
People who live there, Do be very careful!
(But if you deserve it, YOU DESERVED IT! & you don't deserve my sympathy)

My only proper meal was probably the noodles I had in NUH.

Will be back later if possible (: