Friday, October 19, 2007

My life is so delicious

We will be sitting on the couch, munching junk foods,
watching dvds all night long on the big television screen (:

True friends are amazing people. You can't imagine what they will do for you.
& They will remember every LITTLE thing about you.
Receiving SMS early in the morning just to buck me up certainly makes me feel that I am important.
(And not forgotten)
I love you, my friend.
& you know who you are.


No matter how tough this road may seems, I'll finish the walk with you ; Side by Side.

Side Note ; You don't have to know who is she. She knows it best.

Something depressing now.
I saw 2 strands of white hair~~ (Without further hesitation, I plucked them)
AHHHHH~ I am only 19~
I need to touch up the colour for my hair but I can't because I just rebonded them!
Although masks work wonders but I can't allow another chemical to touch my hair for the next 2 months!

4 out of 5 in my family weigh themselves yesterday.

Dad got fatter.
(He is always fat!)
Adel lost weight.
(She USED TO weigh under mid forties but NOW worst, if only I can donate some of my fats to her, for her height, she's SO underweight)
Mum gained weight.
(She gained 2kg since 2005!)
I lost weight.
(Because of gastritis, but HAIS)

I want to lose another KG but I am not doing anything at all. HAHA~
Who caressssss. Unless Boyfriend tells me that I'm fat. Otherwise.....