Thursday, October 04, 2007

My whole day

I don't know why but I'm feeling good everyday!
Credits to Boyfriend for making my everyday~

We didn't step out of house so we ga ga-ed over the phone for the whole day. And the nerd(me) swept the floor of my 2nd living room. (Mummy must be happy because her housework load is lightened by a tiny weeny bit)HEHEHEHE.

ME : I wanted to queue for my waffle yesterday but I wanted to see you 5mins longer so you owe me 1 waffle now!!
BF : Hehe. Sureeeeeeee. I still owe you _________.

See how unreasonable I can get? HAHA~

I did Pedicure for myself today (yes, MYSELF!!). Didn't paint any colour on it because It is time to allow my nails to breath. I think my toe nails need some Nail Mask & Treatment! (ohhh, perhaps when I am free) OPI released some new colours. I love allllllll~ (Should I get them? But why I can't find any reason to need so many different colours *frowns*)

Results were alright.
Was surprised by my weakest because I scored and disappointed at my strongest.
(only disappointed in that one)
damn dAmN DAMN!
(Don't say I didn't study & deserved it, Because You wouldn't know If I did or did not as I don't go round telling people "Hey I studied today!" or blogged it out)

Eeeekk! Adel & my Boyfriend are trying to talk me out of getting my baby pink PSP slim. Reason for that is because the DSlite Adel brought home is now isolated! No one is playing with it, Not me not Adel! And I don't game(I find most game childish :x), Boyfriend said If I bought PSP, the outcome would be exactly the same. I'v lost my goal! (But I am not totally swayed yet. Still contemplating) Dad wasn't against it when Adel got her DSlite. He even offered to help to pay it. But If he knows that I am getting myself a PSP, he would say I can't grow up. And if my bro wants it, he wouldn't say anything about it. *pouts* It is so unfair to be the eldest in the family. (But he didn't say I can't get it. HEHE. He just felt that games aint my type)

TAKE NOTE : I used BROUGHT, with the R. Don't be dumb.

Or should I just give the bit of money to my parents rather than wasting it? (Incase you don't know, I always saved up to an amount and give part of it to them because I am a good girl)

Shit this world! Why are there so many great inventionsssssss?
(but still, the more the better! hehe)

Sentosa this SAT!
Wonder if it will be cancelled again. LOL~
Same old people will be going.
I need to bring an umbrella there to hide myself from the sun :(