Saturday, October 06, 2007

the NO input day

Shopping day~
BF was reluctant about bringing me out today but gave in eventually.
(Because I was ill, not that he doesn't feel like going out!!)

Wanted to come home with some shopping bags (HAHA~) but failed :(
BF managed to get himself a top.
(we took alot of stupid peektures. HEHEHE.)
Simple lunch @ VIVO's Food Republic.

Movie-ed at Shaw.
After movie, I vomitted out my lunch.
(Told ya I can't eat~ Everything still have to make their way out in the end)

There is no input at all!
(unless you wanna count the mls of water I drank)

Side note ; If you wanna lose weight, just fall sick!
That's the fastest & dumb-est way!

& I am off to rest~