Sunday, October 07, 2007

Normal or blank?

Woke up feeling FRESH today~
Feeling abit hungry. (Have I recovered? I thought I've lost the feeling of being hungry)
Yesterday I woke up feeling okay, but still vomited my input out in the evening.
I don't want the same thing to happen again.

& YUP. Like finally. Nuffnang Ads are here. Both of them (:

I am begining to feel that my blog is in a real messy. Everything are so packed together in that pathetic left column. I need to revamp the whole blog. But I can't bear to remove those cute icons. I had my 3rd column layout for Missy-Maybeline prepared ready since FEB. (That explains my birth of 2nd blog). My 3rd column will start with Nuffnang ads, Community, and ends with Credits.

I wanted to turn this blog into a 3 column blog long ago. But people with smaller resolution won't be able to view everything in a full page. (All the computers/laptops selling outside resolutions are 1280 by 800 since 1-2year ago, excluding laptops bought from school. Cheap but lousy.)

If a 3rd column is added here, it will look really messy on people's laptop who have the smaller resolution. (& I hate it when my blog looks ugly) For those with normal resolution, my blog(right side) is really empty.


Messy & Blank (Smaller resolution)
Normal & Messy (Normal resolution)

Side note ; I need more space! But I don't like Mess!! :(