Monday, October 08, 2007


Medications are driving me crazy!
(I've decided to stop ALL medications. Yucks)
I went to weigh myself today.
HAHA~ I lost nearly 2kg.
(didn't grow any taller. Oh please please, a girl's puberty stops at 19,
& I have 1 last month to go before hitting 19)

SEE! The best way to slim down is falling sick.
But the feeling is horrible! You wouldn't want to try.
Vomited again after my "lunch"
(Lunch was just a waffle & a bun.)
I'm not suffering from anorexia ok!
Just some stupid gastric problems since FRI.

I feel constipated for the whole day when I just shitted yesterday.
(HAHA~ Don't tell me I am gross or I have no image unless you have never shit-ed in your whole life before)
I don't know why. My stomach feels bloated despite vomitting out what I ate.
I need to shit. I got the "feel" to shit. But there's no POO! HAHA!!
(I need some Yakult)

I bought some "Hair Mask" today.
HEHE. First it was Facial Mask. Then Nail Mask.
Today it's Hair Mask!
I just did my Hair Mask. & Will be doing Nail Mask tomorrow (:
Facial Mask for BF this week!