Saturday, October 13, 2007

Picture & wordy post!

Hello people! I am back with visuals :D
Quality time spent with Boyfriend & Bros (Derek, Desmond(Das), CW, CG)

We hit town yesterday (:
Boyfriend got himself a pair of jeans. (To be collected on Wed)
Manicure & Pedicure done. Metallic baby pink!
Supposed to have Sakae for dinner but ended up having Pastamania.
(I am so sick of Pasta even though I haven't eat them for months)

Side Note ; Boyfriend and me took neoprints & he got himself a silver bling bling ear stud.

Cine level 9 after that.
We watched Turistas (M18). It was bloody & violent.
There were so many parts where we had to use our hands to cover our faces.
Derek was a coward! He didn't dare to watch them so he played CS during the scenes.

So muscular on the outside yet so soft on the inside. LOL

Cab-ed Home sweet home at 1am (:

Initial plan was to go sun tanning at Sentosa today! (Because I was ill last week)
Due to some unforeseen circumstances we postponed it again!
(YAY YAY! Sentosa is just SO-NOT-MY-TYPE. God must have heard my prayers!)
So we all agreed to meet at Bugis. Simple lunch (& dessert) & MRT-ed to Marina Square.

Our "dessert". The tissue prata! Prepare to get messy after eating this.

Shopped (: Boyfriend got himself a Tee.
(Look at who is spending?! Not me!! It's him!!)
The few of them played billard while Das & me PSP-ed.
(I swear the normal PSP is SO-GOD-DAMN heavy. I had nothing in my bag except for my little stuffs & 1 PSP. My shoulder was red from carrying my bag so Boyfriend carried my bag for me for the whole day)

Dinner at Cavana.
(EEEEEKKK! We were damn disgusted by their food. They looked so appetizing but......)
Bus-ed home at 2000hr, They waited for me change & OFF to Derek's place.

All of them are sleeping over at his place (excluding me, I only want my bed).
Night basketball, & I left after 45mins. Flu conquered me.

So I shall have a nice sleep tonight & meet them for Mcdonalds breakfast tomorrow (:

Let my picturesss continue & end my talking (:

Side Note ; I went LOL when I saw Boyfriend's comment for me in Friendster.