Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Queenie Queenie me~

Grandma's making us fat by cooking our favourite chilli crabs now and then!

The Black ;

I wanted it Black & White but It turns out grey.
MMM. Grey is not bad too.
At least it is not Orange, Blue or Green!

& The Blur.

Blame Blogger for the poor quality!
I saved it at a Maximum quality.
& they look perfectly fine out of blogger.
But the blur background is still visible ya?

As mentioned in the first picture,
Orange, Blue or Green are my least favourite colours.
Open my wardrobe & check!
You can't find a single piece of lingerie or top in these colours.
I know Blue and Green are colours that people are wearing on the streets.
Especially blue. But I think they don't suits me.
However, blue suits alot of people with really fair skin! *envy envy*
(But even if I had fair skin, I wouldn't wear them. HEHE.)
No offence to blue & green lovers. I'm seriously typing this out of boredom ^^

I'm as happy as Queenie~
(As happy as a mouse, I mean)
Side Note ; Queenie is my mouse in FaceBook.

I'm happy because I am happy! (CRAP!)
It's Nov tomorrow~
Everything is going to end soon!
But firstly, I still need to endure some "little" rain first.
(Just for afew days!)

I can see the rainbow waiting for me~