Thursday, October 11, 2007


1 packet of biscuits for $7
So I bought 1 packet home & munched happily.

Started munching as early as 1030hr.
(Urgh! Early in the morning & I am taking in calories already)
I munched as I daydreamed and laughed at FATE.
Who knew things would turn out to be this way?

I miss secondary times. Where everyone will be queueing up at 7.25am waiting to sing the national anthem. Where everyone will be looking around for familiar faces. (everyone was familiar at that time because how many students can 1 school have?) During pledge taking session, all hands will be on our left chest but only afew were saying the pledge. Yvonne is always the one who will be sitting either infront or behind of me. 2 rows to the left will be Huiyan. Yvonne's life was exciting because it was filled with AngYan. (HAHA~ But it was the "fun-days") Bringing handphones to school wasn't allowed back then but who cares?! Silent reading in class from 0800 to 0825.

"RINNNNNG" During recess (HAHAHA!! I find it weird to be saying "recess"), Huiyan would meet us at the canteen. My usual food was laksa because there's egg :D & I clearly remembered that it's either Yvonne or me treating Wendy to drinks. After recess lessons were always havoc because no one was in the mood to pay attention to lesson after meal. My favourite lesson was Food & Nutrition, But I can't cook for christ sake! HAHA~ We baked, boiled, grilled, fried and many many and lastly, people would go round tasting each other's food.

After school :) Huiyan would meet us outside the canteen. We will then think of places to go. And it is always the same places. Jurong Point or IMM ? Then we would settle our lunch and shop around.

Can I have this kind of life back?
I don't care If everything will not be the same as now.
I just want to go back to the past.
I need to see lord. Because I want to whine to him.
(I whine at even the smallest thing (:, that is if you know me well enough)

But I know I can't.....

Why should I ask for more when I have my Sweetest Boyfriend & friends around? (: