Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Saving my finances~

Things I need/want to get currently :

  • New flipflops & beach heels
    (I'm so in love with heels that arebeach-designed!)

    Side Note ; Boyfriend will give me 101 reasons to stop
    me from buying heels.
  • New dress & Pants
    (Already saw the design I want.
    Looking for place which sells the exact design!)
  • More Polo(s) for Boyfriend
    (He needs like another 100more!)

Just these few (:
I'm learning how to save (:

I'm also dropping the idea of getting PSP slim.
(Don't make wild guesses, Boyfriend is not getting it for me,
just that I have come to my senses that I don't game so I don't need them)

Side Note ; I MAY be back later (: