Monday, October 15, 2007

Say that you love me

Did I forgot to mention something?

After Boyfriend's celebration on Thurs (which ended around 11pm),
He bought a cake from Delifrance and left it outside my place (:
(nearly 12am)

I was already preparing for bed when Adel came home and ask for me.
"NAH!" She goes. "Here's your cake!"

& I was browsing my hotmail folders today.

I saw some emails from Boyfriend (at the begining of the year).
There was 1 which contains alot of pictures.
All with the same word "Sorry".
(I think because I was mad about something which I-can't-remember-what-is-it-now)

I wonder will Boyfriend still treat me like this few years down the road?
(HEHE. But I'm confident!)

Enjoy whatever I have now & worry later (: