Saturday, October 06, 2007

What goes in, must make its way out

Pleasant Morning People~

I had to sleep in the second living room last night!
I was down with gastritis and dyspepsia yesterday.
The doctor gave me ALOT of pills and liquids. *yucks*
(Even alittle to me is ALOT! I had a hard time swallowing them!!)
Pyrexia striked too. Temperature raised from 37.8 to 38.5 degree celsius.

Gastritis and dyspepsia is already enough to kill and pyrexia had to come and join in the fun.
So basically, I vomitted the whole day.
(More than 10times can you imagine?! Vomitted the whole week's food)

Boyfriend came over to visit me straight after his "work".
It was already 15minutes to 10pm.
He tried patting me to sleep before going home but I just can't sleep because I can't help feeling nausea.

Side Note ; I was sleeping and vomitting the whole noon.

So I had no energy to climb up the flight of stairs and go up into my room & I don't want to dirty my room's toilet with all my vomits because my room will stink! Mummy brought my bed and everything down for me after seeing the Doc. For the whole of yesterday, I ate less than 10spoonful of porridge.

Woke up feeling alot better (:
(At least I regained the energy to climb up the stairs)
But I can't stop taking the medications yet.

Side Note ; I think I might have lost 1kg just for all that vomiting. LOL. Simply because the output is way ALOT more than the input. And I feel lighter. Heh. However, It is just water loss. The weight will come back in no time.

Still no appetite for anything yet.
I don't even feel hungry and my mouth doesn't seems to welcome any food.
(Still afraid of eating and vomiting them out again)

That explains the title ; Whatever that goes into my mouth, must make its way out.

AHHH~ After all the suffering, Lose some weight please :X