Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All ready for x'mas

I was really bored today.
So I flipped, flipped and flipped magazines.
From CLEO to Simplyher to Glamours & to some AUS/US mags.

I came across this when Donuts WERE still in the trend (In SimplyHer).

Click to see the ratings of the highest score & the lowest (according to SimplyHer).
I want to try the (8.5)Typhoon Oreo~ I love oreos~
But If I am given Chawanmushi and donuts, I would go for Chawan :P

Now you know where to get nice donuts? [;
But donuts are boring already! (at least for me. HAAA!)

I forgot the purpose of me buying a digicam.
It seems to be sleeping in my drawer for days already.
Maybe I shouldn't buy it afterall.

Boyfriend and me are all prepared for Christmas.
Can't wait~ ^^

& We have already decided on the days for our KL trip (either mid or end of Dec)
Hopefully nothing crops up in the end [:

Okay I am off from my laptop.
Sweet dreams people!!
TATA~ [: