Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bears and more bears

I forgot to mention that Yvonne even smsed me to wish me even thou she is currently in HongKong!

Buddies nv forgets ur birthday even if it is 3years later (:

We went to make boyfriend's new pair of specs. (new 1 again, I know)
Chose a nice pair~
To be collected few days later.

The baby pooh DAS caught.
I know it looks alittle fake but it's from Disney & soft to touch (:

Side Note ; Though I received a bear but that doesn't mean I meddle with bears!

But I do have ALOOOOOOT of piglet & pooh on top of my bed frame.
I threw away lots of them(not piglet or pooh). But they are still countless.
Still remembered the first time when boyfriend saw them,
he got a shocked when he saw all the bears sitting around my house.

My favourite was the GIGANTIC baby piglet Yvonne bought for me 3years ago (:

I find bears useless because I'm not that young anymore :X:X:X
Not old either. HEHS.
But I wouldn't mind 1 or 2 small ones to sit on my desk (:
(which is already enough)

At the start of our relationship,
YQ said that he won't get me any bears as gift because he felt that it is not practical.
Unless he caught them from machines.
I guess most guys/people think the same way. (Including me!)