Friday, November 30, 2007

Final Farewell

Today is a sweet sweet day (:
I gave YQ a BIG surprise and he was dumbfounded.
It feels so good to see the dumb dumb face. lol.

The previous post's specs is my 2nd pair.
And it's my MOST favourite pair out of the 3.
Black on the outside and Pink on the inside.
Side was decorated with metal Anna Sui liked flowers(not flower prints, it's shaped out from the metal).
But most importantly, It was limited and is sold out (:

Yesterday was the final farewell for the 5 drowned rowers.
It was heart breaking.
I had to read stop read stop for countless of times as the report on the newspaper was very touching and SAD.
Tears even rolled out of my eyes everytime I read (for the past few days).
(Because I've been buying newspaper for the sake of reading this)
I am quite an emotional person. I can't control my tears even at the smallest thing.
Too many grieving, too many sad quotes quoted.
Sigh. Life was indeed short for them.
But at least the last thing they did was their favourite sports, their passion.
(If its not their favourite, they wouldn't have took part in it)
I wished SG lost the race instead of losing 5 young lives.

Stay healthy and be safe people!