Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Me

Been so busy with different things.

My parents wanted to celebrate it with me by bringing the family out for some nice dinner.
But I already have a date with my girlfriends so they just gave me some $. LOL.

Side Note ; I always don't get what I want, and get what I don't want.
(excludings stuffs from parents, because they know me well enough)

I only slept for 3hours yesterday. 2am to 5am.
Needa reach boyfriend's place at 6am for some ceremony.

So many many many many many many SMSes greetings.
Thanks people~ (Including those who sent me a testi/msg in friendster/facebook/tagboard or emails!)

We went for shopping next.
And he handed me my birthday presentsssss.
Bought some Japanese titbits at OG.

Met up with the rest at 6.30pm at Cafe Cartel.
(JJ wanted to join us too but he've got guard duty!!
Jason had to work at the last minute on behalf of his friend. Aaww~)
I had rashes after eating their fish & chips. DUH!
DAS was really really late.
I guess Coffee was really bored.

Loveliest girlfriends went to pre-order this cake specially made for me!
The pinkish white roses on top are all made of white chocolates!
Awwww~ But a little too sweet for my sweet tooth.
Still nice afterall!
I don't think it is cheap but a big portion of it was wasted as they can't finish it.
(Way toooooooooo big)

Take pictures with your mouth half opened. It's the IN-thing now! :P

We went for bowling aftermath.
All of us played except HY.

The really ugly clown shoes for bowling.
(Mingyu and me had to buy new pair of socks because we weren't wearing any.)

Cheering for YQ~ ^^
(In his black cardigan)


It was hell fun~ (For me. Because I am like a "first timer")
I only played once with YQ which was like a year ago.

YQ've got the highest score which is like quite high~
& I got the lowest score. Really really really low :x

But after adding the 2 marks together and divide them by two, DAS lost!

DAS won a bear with his first $1 coin for the day by playing with the "catch-a-bear" machine.
& that baby pooh he caught is sitting peacefully on my desk with the sweetest smile (:

Cabbed back to Boyfriend's place.
Fell asleep. & he cycled me home.
It was the first time in my life that I allowed someone to cycle me.
(Because I am afraid of falling!)

Alright. Birthday's over.
Seriously looking forward for Christmas now (:

Some question before I end.
Why do most people find it hard to think of what to get for me?
Why do they think that I have everything I need already?

Actually, presents or not, ain't important. It's the sincerity (: