Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hugs are universal medicines

After a ravenous long day,
Everyone yearns for a hug & a shoulder.
(I really yearn for a shoulder just now)

It feels good to do something good for others.
It don't cost any cents but afew drops of sweat (:

Being on the phone with Mr Mao & NANA reminds me of nursing days.
We used to crap rubbish on the phone.
NANA is still in her world.
We are like of different generation from her.

I'm so attracted by a private nurse's pay.
& also attracted by the govt's year end bonus.
AAWWW~ But I am still considering. Should I be a nurse in the future?
If I don't, my cert will go to waste.
If I do, I won't have much time with my family & love.
(I can always keep my cert. If I ever get retrenched somewhere, I can go back and be a nurse)

All along, I have been dreaming of setting up my own business.
That's my goal.

What's my future like?, I wonder.

I lost my ring yesterday and was prepared for an earful.
Searched everywhere but couldn't find it.
Went back to workplace today, It was there sitting nicely on the table.
Lucky lucky me! Boyfriend only asked me to look carefully for it.
God loves me (: