Tuesday, November 06, 2007

If that's okay with you


My white camera is decorated with baby pink pearly stickons~
Along with a CHEAP temporary white leathery with laces pouch :D
(because the black one that comes along with the cam is UGLY)
I don't care if u find it ugly or what, I like it and that's enough :D

When people bought their t20 screen protector from Sony for $6,
I got mine for $28.
(That's nearly 5times more)
I thought I had already paid more for the WHITE,
Never did I expect to pay more for everything.
But lucky it is just the protector, not the digicam itself.
Luckily I didn't bought the $60 T20 Pink leather pouch from that shop because Sony sells it cheaper!

Actually I don't mind paying more for something I like (:
(& that is why I still insisted on white rather than other colours)

I don't know whyyyyyyyyy I always get cheated when it comes to shopping.

Anyway It was a dayout with Adel yesterday.
We went out for lunch and then bus-ed from place to place.
I dragged ALOT of shopping bags home.
Not going to list what I've bought out. It's boring.
I have so many new things~

More to come with Boyfriend.

& we are going to Sentosa this coming Thursday :(
OHH~ Sun block lotion pleaseeeeeeeeeee~
(I thought I could avoid going there)

Raven's teeth bleed yesterday while chewing on his hard minty bone.
Our heart ache like ......... (Only Mummy & me saw it)
He needs alot of treats to make up for that so we brought him to a pet shop,
wanting to get him some treats butttttttt.....

Today is supposed to be my shopping trip again if Huiyan didn't have school(NP).