Thursday, November 29, 2007

Indulge & Pamper

Submitted an order list of 18pieces of tops/dresses, 10bags & 13 pieces of accessories.
I am SERIOUSLY not kidding~
(This is going to cost me a bomb)

Side Note; This is just a start.

Know why? That's because I've just received my payslip yesterday.
So without further hesitation, I went to shop again.

Also had Anti-Oxidant treatment, Foot Spa for my feet yesterday.
I sat at there for more than 45mins.
The outcome was great.
I DARE to say that I have DAMN soft feet now.
No cracked heels, no dried/dead skin or whatever.
(I don't have all these to begin with anyway, I just feel that I need to moisturize them)

The nerd today [:
(I meant me!)
Sigh. I have very squarish jaw.

Heh heh. My body is not that big actually. (So MAN uh?!)
My arm was just beside my body but everything's black so it looked as if I had a BIG body.

Side Note;
My hair length is not this short at all, I tied it by using a way which makes my tail look short.

People often complained to me that their hair grow very slowly.
But mine is like WTH-ly fast.
My hair grows 2x of normal people.
When my friends don't see me for some time, they will go "WAH, How did your hair grow so fast?"
And then they look the same to me. No increase in length.
(I do trim my hair, but you don't know)

And after dying my hair from the root to the end, brown,
1 month later, the black hair grows out.
(Normal people takes about 2 months)
3 months later, there's about 4-5cm of black hair on the top.

I'm an not a normal person and that is why YQ is so crazy over me.