Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Irony I suppose?

I hate Jolyn (:

I didn't shop. But Adel & me still came home with shopping bags.
(We met up at her work place as it was still early)
Boyfriend's Jeans is HEAVY!
Miss Joanne got me a pretty white bag from KL (:
Adel got like 4 shopping bags herself.
We were dead beat.
(I supposed I can't stop shopping for too long, once deprived = endless)

Lack of sleep yesterday resulted in small & sleepy eyes.

I found another place which serve NICE & FRESH Fish & Chips.
It was Mel's treat.

& This cute girl here wanna tryout my new cam so we started snapping away....
(with my digicam & HP cam)

Did this picture scare the hell out of you? LOL.

The super unglam side.
(Just look at my eyebags)

I'm hungryyyyy.
I need to wake up early for Sentosa tmr. (so so reluctant but maybe it will be fun)

The one whom I haven't contact for the past 2 years sms-ed me.
Someone who I never thought will remember my birthday.
Sweet or Ironic?