Tuesday, November 27, 2007

King of my heart

My king sure understands me ALOT.

YQ : Have you stick all those blingblings to your Ipod?

I love to stick all those blingblings on my gadgets.
That includes laptop, DSlite, Handphone, Camera.
Yupppp. There's blings on my laptop too [:
I designed it myself [:

I just love decorating my stuffs.
But I don't over decorate them [:

But the shop I always visit closed down.
It used to be at Parco level 3, beside some VCD shop, near the neoprint shop.
They sell quality blings from Japan.
1 small pack for $6.90
& theres like only afew row of blings inside.
So you need to get quite afew packet to decorate 1 item.

The blings I see outside now are Made in China.
1 packet cost around $1 - $4. (depending on the venue you bought them)
Not only they don't last (they drop within 2weeks), their blings are not neatly done.
Cheap things don't last.

I wish I know where did that shop moved to, or other shops selling them.

But at least I know how well Hunny understands me.