Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lovely weekends (:

I love my weekends.
Spent the whole day with Boyfriend & family.
We didn't meet any friends but it was equally fun and lovable (:

As I was saying yesterday in my 2nd blog, I was in a Happy mood(For no reasons). Rang Boyfriend up at 1000 in the morning to tell him that I am awake. He told me that he bought me some Oreo donuts (: So sweet please. Went to shower and headed to his place. Shared my donuts with Max as our breakfast.

Lunch at his place. Home cooked food. Very long since I had home cooked food. Then I fell asleep straight after lunch at 1400! But it was just a 30minutes short nap. Hunny then woke me up as we're going to IKEA with his sister and bro. But before that, we gotta fetch Marcel. So that little kiddo went to IKEA with us. Drove back home at 1900 for dinner. Dinner was a spread, home cooked food again (:

I guessed I ate too much Pineapples so my tongue/gums hurts. (The side which hurts is not the one that just had its filling done so no worries~) It is most likely to be an ulcer. But uncle shone the torchlight into my mouth and under the tongue, nothing was seen swollen or redness. Bet its the pineapple! Acidic fruits. So auntie gave me something weird to apply on. (But it didn't recover x;) Basically, I ate 3 full meals for the whole day.

Woke up as early as 0900 for today. Same old routine. Showered and went over (: Hunny cooked lunch for me (Dishes and soup). TV-ed throughout. & Dine out with his parents. M&M came over. & Max sure love to meddle with DSlite so I downloaded a kids game for him. I "stole" Boyfriend's Ipod nano home since he is not using it anymore (:

I feel so so so fortunate & blissful for the past 2 days (:

(Wordy post as I am feeling extremely lazy to load any picutre up so make do with it!)