Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Missy's annoyed and arrogant!!


Grass cutters are spoilers!
(I don't know what shitty name are they given so I called them grass cutters,
don't bother to correct me)

I was napping this afternoon and their buzzing sound woke me up from my beauty sleep.
I know its noon and they have the right to work but when one is exhausted, they need to catch some sleep. So if they don't get enough sleep, they'll blow their top! JUST LIKE ME!
(I want to jump into bed early but I need to study. Get it?)

And damn those workers.
Don't know which bloody family got their contractor workers to start work at 9am last Sat.
Sat is a weekend, & weekends are suposed to allow people to sleep in longer right?!
Instead of wishing them to end their work fast, I hope they'll accidentally hammer one out of their 10 fingers so at least I'll be able to sleep peacefully for the next few days.
Serve them right for spoiling my beauty sleep last Sat.
I am not being mean, I don't have to be kind to inconsiderate people like them.

Friendship or Money?
Which is more important?

Apparently, some people do not how to weigh them seperately.
Some people see money as though money is their everything.
Yes, money is important.
However, They ought to know that money can't buy friendship.

If you lose some money, You can earn them back.
But how do you earn a friendship back?
Even if you managed to earn it back, can you assure that everything's still the same?

People will only come to their senses when they lose everything ultimately.

Since the start of Nov, we are on our own.
I'm not going to miss you because you are insignificant in my life.
Frankly speaking, I am alot happier without you because I don't have to hear same words repeating again and again over the years. Yup. That's money.
Goodbye & Goodluck,
Sincerely (:

& this is the outcome Boyfriend would surely love (:

Speaking of my significant other, I miss him like REALLY REALLY.
He planned to catch a movie tmr but there's no nice movie recently.
So I guess it's a stay home day for him cause I'll be working :D

Because of my stress level, I've been disturbing HY even though she's at work/sch for the past few weeks.
I'll MSN her every morning/afternoon & then nudge her again & again if she's away.
I am such a pest :P

Wordy wordy me is going to end this post.