Saturday, November 03, 2007

Missy's stucked

This great Missy here is stucked with at home with Raven and Books today!
Koko Krunch and HL milk left her running to the toilet umpteen times for she's allgeric to ANY milk because they contain lactose.
There is no way her stomach will retain lactose for even 30minutes.
Therefore, if she drinks yakult or milk, she's not going out for that day.

PS : I misplaced my 1 out of 3 pair of specs.
& The one I misplaced is the one I love most. My 2nd pair.

I am supposed to visit Sim Lim for some reference but now I am stuck in this little house of mine. ARGH!

On a wiser note, Not stepping out of house means No money's going out of my wallet.