Friday, November 23, 2007

Money for attitude

We walked the whole town.
We shopped.
& Bought titbits home (:
(All from OG)
I love Japs/Korean titbits. Especially Meiji (:

9 out of 10 nails are white. 1 black on my left index finger.
I love white nails. alot alot (:

*WEB is not revealed to protect the privacy of the owner*
Super bad experience I encountered with shopping online.
Seller don't use Postage/Registered mails. I am fine with meetups.
BUT when you give them SO MANY time slots
they will give you SO MANY reasons they can think of.
Seriously, You won't know if they are really selling or just wasting your time.
And nowadays, Buyers have to bear with the Seller's attitude.
Like what the fuck.
They're the ones earning our money & we have to put up with it.
I don't put up with anyone.

I would rather donate the money to some people who need them rather than to put up with someone.

Side Note ; I'm a busy person but I still made some time for her.
But what did I get in the end?
Paying money for attitude.
*WEB is not revealed to protect the privacy of the owner*

Side Note ; My Japan sprees are arriving in afew days time (:
US sprees order list has been submitted already.

1 spree destroyed my mood but 2 made up for it.
Still a happy girl afterall.